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Meet Dr. Elizabeth Morejón

Transforming lives through smiles

Dr. Elizabeth Morejón is proud to be your high-quality family orthodontist in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast!

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Morejón

Dr. Liz Morejon, a family orthodontist for palm coast and ormond beach
Dr. Morejon, orthodontist at Morejon + Andrews Orthodontics, on vacation in the snow. Smiling with ice pick in hand, wearing helmet
Dr. Morejon, orthodontist at Morejon + Andrews Orthodontics, fishing, holding big red fish on boat in the ocean

Get to know Dr. Morejón

“My entry into the orthodontic world began when I answered an ad in the PennySaver for an orthodontic assistant. I was hoping to find a second job to put myself through college. Instead, I found a vocation and a lifelong passion!

My own smile was an embarrassment to me. My parents took great care of my teeth, since my mother’s problems with her teeth led her to prioritize our dental care. But orthodontia was beyond our family’s means. I couldn’t believe my good fortune to have the opportunity to have my teeth straightened as a benefit of my new job!

My orthodontic care transformed my smile and my life: It changed the way I saw myself and the way the world saw me. I’m not sure I fully appreciated how much not liking my smile affected my self-confidence, but the gift of a new smile changed the trajectory of my life.”

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Bachelor of Science in Biology – University of Miami

Doctorate of Dental Medicine – University of Florida

Residency in Orthodontics – University of Tennessee

Master of Science in Orthodontics – University of Tennessee

I understand how powerful a beautiful smile can be for a person. I am blessed to be able to help others transform their lives in the same way

Dr. Elizabeth Morejón

Continuing Education

“Orthodontics and dentistry are constantly changing. What I learned in dental school and during my three-year residency were great foundations, but new techniques and technologies are being introduced at a dizzying pace. Learning about these developments not only fulfills my desire to stay current, but helps me to meet my duty to provide patients with the best in specialty orthodontic care.

I am an active member of the interdisciplinary Spear Study Club, as well as the Volusia Dental Academy, a local study club. I also take many orthodontic continuing education courses that focus on interdisciplinary treatment, Invisalign®, new technologies, occlusion, and TMJ-TMD.”

Dr. Morejon, orthodontist at Morejon + Andrews Orthodontics, on vacation in the snow. Smiling with ice pick in hand, wearing helmet

Outside of the Office

“I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the oldest girl from a family of seven. I transplanted to Florida to study marine biology so I could take over for Jacques Cousteau, but orthodontics caught my eye instead. I married my UF dental school soul mate and am the proud mother to three amazing women.

I am a borderline crazy cat lady (one more and it’s official), recreational chef with mad pesto-making skills, and an avid fisherwoman specializing in trolling and building on my fly-fishing technique.”