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GC EXPERIENCE® Self-Ligating Braces

Achieve an incredible smile through a comfortable and efficient treatment process with GC EXPERIENCE self-ligating braces in Palm Coast or Ormond Beach!
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How do self-ligating braces work?

GC EXPERIENCE self-ligating braces use a passive slide mechanism to align teeth. This means that brackets are clipped to the archwire, instead of being tied with elastics. Self-ligating braces are completely tie-less!

This advanced bracket system minimizes friction to make braces more comfortable. It also allows teeth to move independently of each other (instead of moving in the same direction at once), which allows for a quicker, more efficient treatment process.

Benefits of GC EXPERIENCE Self-ligating Braces

  • Small brackets: Self-ligating brackets are smaller and more compact than traditional brackets. This creates a less noticeable appearance and makes for a more comfortable fit. 
  • No elastics necessary: The tie-less feature eliminates any soreness associated with ‘tightening’ braces. They’re also known to be more hygienic, as food particles and debris won’t get trapped in the elastic.
  • Fewer appointments: With a more efficient tooth movement process and no elastics to tighten, GC EXPERIENCE braces work quicker than traditional braces and require fewer check-in visits.

For patients who want a cool treatment alternative to traditional braces, GC EXPERIENCE self-ligating braces are an ideal option.

Do self-ligating braces need to be tightened?

No, self-ligating braces don’t have colored rubber bands that need replacing, which means fewer orthodontist visits for you! At each appointment, your orthodontist (Dr. Morejón or Dr Andrews) will simply assess your progress to determine if any changes need to be made to your treatment plan.

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