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We now offer 3D Printed LightForce braces! What makes them so unique?

January 11, 2024

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment it’s an excellent idea to explore your options. After all, the world of orthodontics is constantly advancing and bringing more comfort than ever before to the treatment process. One of the newest treatment options breaking the market is 3D printed braces like LightForce™.

But how do they differ from other orthodontic treatment options? Let’s discuss!

What are LightForce braces?

LightForce braces are customized brackets that are 3D printed to each of your individual teeth to maximize your smile results and minimize your time in treatment. When you visit Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics for your complimentary exam, we’ll perform a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation using digital x-rays and images, and a visual exam. If you choose LightForce braces for your smile journey, a member of our team will take a digital scan of your teeth using our iTero® Element scanner. From there, Dr. Morejón or Dr. Andrews will use LightForce software to design your personalized treatment plan and send it off to our LightForce partners for 3D printing.

How are 3D printed braces different from other orthodontic treatments?

Imagine braces that are comfortable and discreet…that’s LightForce braces! While other types of braces are mass-produced as a one-size-fits-all option, LightForce brackets only fit you.

But how do they measure up against other forms of orthodontic treatment?

LightForce braces vs. metal braces

Now when most new patients think of braces, their first thought is often of traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces come in standard sizes for specific teeth and sit flat on each tooth; where LightForce braces differ from metal braces are in their color, shape, and size. LightForce brackets are smaller than regular braces and come in a tooth-colored shade that contours to the unique shape of your individual teeth, offering a more comfortable and discreet fit (and making cleaning around your brackets easier too)!

LightForce braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign® clear aligners are still an incredibly popular option for orthodontic treatment – and it’s easy to see why! Clear aligners are removable, easy to clean, and practically invisible, but they do require a certain level of compliance. If you’re worried about staying on top of wearing your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, LightForce braces can be an excellent option! They aren’t as invisible as clear aligners but they do blend in seamlessly with your smile and offer a 45% faster treatment time than traditional braces.

How much do LightForce braces cost?

LightForce braces are 3D printed and fully customized so their cost has to be significant, right? While it’s true that LightForce braces cost is usually more than traditional braces, their benefits often outweigh their price tag. After all, the enhanced comfort, faster treatment times, and the excitement of undergoing a truly innovative orthodontic treatment appeals to many. Plus, for a limited time Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics is offering LightForce braces at the same price as traditional brackets! Our team can also help you lower your out-of-pocket costs by maximizing insurance coverage and the offer of our affordable 0% interest payment plans.

Looking for LightForce braces near you? We’re a provider!

Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics is proud to offer comfortable, convenient orthodontic treatment options for our communities in Palm Coast and Ormond Beach. LightForce braces are just one of the advanced treatment options we offer and if you’re looking to learn more about them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Ready to start your LightForce smile journey? Request your complimentary consultation with us today!