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Check Out Our Amazon List (Best Teeth Cleaning Tools for Braces or Invisalign®)

January 28, 2024

Whether you’re currently in orthodontic treatment or you’re preparing to schedule your complimentary consultation, you may be looking for a little guidance. We want to help!

We curated an Amazon list of valuable resources to support you through your transformative orthodontic experience. (You’ll receive a QR code linking to our Amazon list on your first visit to Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics too!)

Check out our amazon picks.

From comfort care tools with braces or Invisalign®, to convenient teeth cleaning on-the-go, we have tools for every budget on our list.

While you’re here, let’s get into a few Invisalign/braces care tips:

Tip 1. If you’re struggling to floss with braces, try a specialized flosser!

Specialized flossers are designed to help you work around your brackets and wires for an easier clean between each tooth. We recommend Oral-B Super Floss and GUM Floss Threaders, both found on our Amazon list.

Super Floss is like traditional floss, except it has stiff ends that are easier to pass through your wires and teeth. Floss Threaders have a stiff plastic loop that allows you to pass traditional floss through the loop, then pull it easily between your wires to position the floss between your teeth.

Tip 2: You can chew special mints to help lock your clear aligners into position!

If you’re in Invisalign treatment, you know that each new set of clear aligners can take a little bit of time to settle into place. (This is because your clear aligners are custom-designed to guide your teeth into a new position, meaning they’re slightly different from the current formation of your teeth.)

On our Amazon list, we have two solutions to help you seat your aligners: Movemints® Clear Aligner Mints and EverSmile® OrthoChews. (The mints are edible, but the OrthoChews are not.)

  • Movemints are mints that have curves for you to place between your aligners and bite down on gently to seat your aligners, while freshening breath and deducing dry mouth.
  • OrthoChews are silicone chews that you place between your aligners, bite down on, move around and repeat, to guide your aligners in place.

Tip 3: Create a small braces care kit for clean smiles on-the-go.

Be prepared for all situations! Braces care tools are small, compact and easy to store and travel with. Grab a small bag or box and fill it with items like a small proxabrush, floss and wax found in the GUM Orthodontic Kit on our list. You can add a comfort lip guard and elastic rubber band placement tool too.

Use your care kit in the bathroom after meals to keep your braces clean and debris-free.

Shop our list and continue checking back!

We’re always looking for ways to support our patients. We’ll continue adding tools and resources to our Amazon list, so check back often!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Haven’t scheduled your complimentary consultation with us yet? Get started at one of our orthodontist offices in Ormond Beach or Palm Coast!